Control plan design, enable salespeople, brokers, and agents, underwrite, and manage risk real-time with a single fully-integrated platform.


Enjoy streamlined electronic enrollment managed simultaneously by individuals and benefits coordinators; driven by eligibility, coverage, billing, provider linkage and more.


Better manage provider networks, member verification, population health, care coordination, claims, risk and more all within the Healthspace ecosystem.

HCIactive is healthcare oriented because health care is the elephant in the world's benefit plan rooms—dominating big chunks of operating budgets as healthcare costs climb globally. Healthspace is the tool organizations need to achieve the Triple Aim of Healthcare.
HCIactive provides administrators plan performance insight through real-time reporting features to better project costs and risk, data to drive wellness programming, and tools to better manage relationships with providers and members.

Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ)

Configure a custom HRQ without custom programming to better assess participant needs more quickly and cost efficiently.

Lab & Biometric Screening

Customize diagnostic screenings with a complete array of options conducted on-site, from a local lab, or submitted by a primary care physician.

Health Risk Report

Engage participants in a conversation about their health risks with a detailed report conveniently stored in their secure, personalized documents library.

Predictive Modeling

Crunch eligibility, medical, pharmacy, screenings, HRQ, and other data monthly with advanced analytics to achieve more accurate forecasts of risk.

Know Your Numbers

Teach participants how to track and translate their key health markers to prevent disease and lead a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Treatment Information & Guidance

Make participants a true partner in their care process with a clinically proven treatment guidance solution to improve outcomes and lower costs.

150+ Wearable Devices and Fitness Apps

Enable participants to share their tracked activities from their choice of over 150+ commonly available consumer wearables and applications.

Chronic Condition Management

Connect participants to physicians, RN health coaches and data to better manage their chronic conditions for overall greater compliance and better outcomes.

Expert Medical Opinions from Top Physicians

Grant participants the option to consult a physician who has trained at a U.S. News & World Report Top 50 ranked medical school on a wide range of conditions and treatment options.


Build and enhance relationships with all stakeholders through an integrated, single-source solution

All the features you need one place and the software to launch faster, avoid costly custom programming, and avoid the learning curve.

Enhance Experiences

Your members want everything they need — nothing more and nothing less — accessible from anywhere through a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. With HCIactive, it is now possible to deliver member benefits and information to each member on a personalized basis. Members will be more satisfied and productive while requiring fewer support resources. Offer more value with more efficiency.

Improve Engagement

Build stronger relationships by connecting participants to a one-of-a-kind benefit center providing the ultimate two-way exchange of information and communications. Deliver organization messaging from a single platform, while empowering individuals to use the same system to engage with their peers. Robotic process automation ensures consistent, continuous attention is provided for every individual, empowering them to achieve more at work and in their personal lives.

Optimize Outcomes

Connect data to workflows with an industry-leading, patented, cloud-based platform providing efficient management of the critical components of complex benefit plans. Ensure fast and efficient delivery of benefits and reduce fragmented care by leveraging robotic process automation to supercharge your organizations' workflows. Implement a ready-to-launch platform with an ever-expanding library of features to reduce custom programming and lower total costs.
HCIactive’s advanced health planning solutions are powered by Healthspace — the cloud-based, integrated platform that offers detailed analytics and real-time reporting.
Simplify health benefits administration by consolidating vendors, streamlining processes and leveraging a single system of record for all health plan transactions.

Member Portals

Desktop and mobile solutions, including Beniverse and Healthspace, support members' benefits and wellness. Configure a new solution or enhance an existing experience for your population. Launch faster, avoid costly custom programming, and shorten learning curves.

Office & Producer Portals

Manage changes, new enrollments, and more in real-time. Connect to advanced analytics to track plan performance and automate workflows to support end-to-end administrative needs.

Provider Portals

Easy-to-use, fast, and accessible applications enable providers and office staff to quickly and securely access member eligibility, claims status, and plan documents on demand.   

Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE)

Automate mission-critical tasks with our patented advanced workflow engine to enhance experiences, lower costs, and achieve better results.

Henry Cha

CEO Message

Achieve maximum engagement, greater personalization, and proper control by leveraging HCIactive’s application framework, intuitive user interfaces, and a large library of advanced health planning solutions.