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Healthspace Provider: On Demand Eligibility and Claims Information for Physician Office Staff

At HCIactive, one of our primary goals is to use technology to make health care administration easier. That’s why we offer providers and physician office staff an effortless way to search for patient information such as claims and eligibility status, benefits coverage information, and ID cards.

To start, Healthspace Provider does not require a username or password to log in. Instead, patient privacy and confidentiality is protected using “exact match” searching. This means that physician office staff must enter all required information correctly to retrieve data. By eliminating this login step, physician office staff doesn’t need to keep track of one more login credential or add an extra step to their already busy day. Information can be accessed quickly and securely.

HCIactive provides a secure, phone-based tool for patient information inquiries as well. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology provides a convenient alternative to the online portal. Physician office staff would simply call the designated IVR phone number and input required information at each prompt.

Eligibility Inquiries

Physician office staff may search by eligibility or claims information. To identify a patient’s eligibility, the user must simply enter the required information and the patient and subscriber’s data is immediately displayed. From a single screen, you can view both the member and subscriber’s basic data, member eligibility status (including whether or not their benefits are current), and plan documentation. The documentation is available as downloadable pdf files. This is a streamlined screen to provide the most commonly reviewed data in one place, but if more specific information is required, the Claims Inquiry search provides more detailed records.

Claims Inquiries

The claims inquiry tab is used to access detailed records on a claim made on a specific date by a particular patient. The full explanation of benefits can be easily downloaded as well.

By making it easy to reference basic patient information, accessing claims and assisting patients can be a painless process. As with all our resources, it’s our mission to make technology work for you. Because Healthspace Provider is easy to access and delivers the most patient information on one screen, HCIactive can save valuable time and resources for your physician office staff.


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