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Healthcare Interactive and PopSpring Wellness Merge to Offer Advanced Self-Funded Health Plan Soluti

Self-funded employers seeking value-based health plans through Ansay & Associates now have more options

Glenwood, MD (January 5, 2015) – Representatives from Healthcare Interactive, Inc. (HCIactive), a leading healthcare technology and population health management company, and Ansay & Associates, LLC (Ansay), a Wisconsin-based insurance and benefit solutions agency, announced that the companies have merged PopSpring Wellness (PopSpring) into HCIactive to better meet the healthcare needs of self-funded employers.

This merger solidifies a longstanding relationship between the companies that have collaboratively provided corporate wellness solutions with integrated technology to Wisconsin-based employers since 2012. Ansay sold these services through its PopSpring division and HCIactive was the primary fulfillment source for population health services and technology.

“By streamlining how we deploy services to PopSpring’s customers we improve operational efficiency, resulting in greater value and better results,” said HCIactive CEO Henry Cha.

CEO of Ansay, Mike Ansay, further adds, “This strategic partnership with HCIactive will help us achieve our goal of presenting clients with the latest healthcare and wellness solutions. PopSpring is better positioned to provide new and innovative technology, additional resources, controlled costs, and top of the line customer support.”

With HCIactive’s support, PopSpring is projected to grow by focusing on providing innovative health plan solutions that help self-funded employers attract and retain talent, while providing better healthcare and controlling healthcare costs. By continuing the dedicated sales and client relationship affiliation with Ansay, clients will have access to best-in-class cost containment and innovative consulting strategies that have served over 5000 employers since 1946.


About PopSpring Wellness

The PopSpring Wellness mission is to integrate science-based data analytics to drive and inspire personal health achievement, producing measurable health plan improvement. PopSpring is committed to personal engagement of participants through the use of best-in-class technology solutions while driving reliable financial outcomes for employers. Founded in 2012, PopSpring is a privately-owned brand of Ansay & Associates, LLC.

About Healthcare Interactive

Healthcare Interactive, Inc. provides integrated health plan solutions for health systems, third-party administrators, and employers nationwide. HCIactive’s Healthspace® technology platform runs results-driven population health and incentive management programs designed to mitigate risk, control healthcare costs, support Affordable Care Act compliance, and improve member outcomes.


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