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HCIactive Launches Direct Contracted Health Plans Featuring MedStar’s Primary Care Network

Maryland and Washington, D.C. Metro companies bypass traditional health insurance carriers to access providers for employer sponsored health plans.

Healthcare Interactive, Inc. (HCIactive), a health benefits technology firm, has just launched a new level-funded health plan featuring MedStar Health System’s primary care physician (PCP) network.

With reports that major local insurers (Radnofsky, Louise. “Health Insurers Seek Hefty Rate Boosts.” WSJ. Dow Jones and Company, 21 May 2015. Web. 11 Nov. 2015.) are requesting rate increases on average of 36% this year, employers are looking for lower cost, high quality alternatives for their 2016 employee health plans. HCIactive’s announcement means that businesses in Washington D.C., Baltimore and other Maryland counties finally have another private sector health plan solution that offers high quality, freedom of choice, and lower costs.

Habeo health plans, offered by HCIactive, gives employers level-funded options that have a lower monthly cost, offers comprehensive primary care with integrated wellness – plus full access to specialists and hospitals.  These plans replace traditional employee health benefits (fully-insured or self-funded) from large insurance carriers with plans that have direct contracts with health systems and their providers.

For example, a business based in the Baltimore or D.C. metro area is likely to have health plan members that already use MedStar’s physicians and facilities.  Habeo’s plans allow employers to purchase unlimited access for their employees to the MedStar primary care network for a fixed monthly fee, including traditional access to a nationwide network of specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare benefits.

The cost benefits of Habeo plans result from enabling employers to buy healthcare direct from health systems, similar to how shopping at wholesale clubs save members money by cutting out the retailer.  In addition, when the plan spends less than the quoted rate, the savings generated is shared with the business owner to further reduce the cost and increase the benefits for their employees.

MedStar’s primary care medical homes, located throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia, provide seamless access to the extraordinary resources of the region’s largest healthcare network.

“We are excited to announce our health plans featuring the MedStar PCP network – our second regional health system to offer direct contracting with a narrow network of providers under this new insurance model.” said Henry Cha, the CEO of HCIactive. “Using our technology to help build a culture of health for local businesses, backed by networks of the highest quality is invigorating.”

Habeo, which is Latin for ‘to own,’ builds a culture of health in organizations where individuals feel empowered to own their care, businesses find value in incenting employees to engage in their health, and health systems are enabled to offer direct contracts with local employers.  Finally, those needing health care, those paying for health care, and those providing health care are aligned.


About Healthcare Interactive

Healthcare Interactive, Inc. provides integrated health plan solutions for health systems, third-party administrators, and employers nationwide. The Healthspace® technology platform, runs results-driven population health and incentive management programs, designed to mitigate risk, control healthcare costs, support Affordable Care Act compliance, and improve member outcomes.  Healthcare Interactive is a privately-owned company venture backed by Grotech Ventures and Harbert Venture Partners.


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