Direct Contracting – Grow Your Value-Based Solutions!

  • Make HCIactive part of your growth strategy to provide greater value in patient care while containing healthcare costs. Choose from three go-to-market solutions that vary in levels of support to address the unique needs and objectives of our Health System partners. All of our solutions are supported by cutting-edge technology that integrates all necessary data to manage patient care and provide insightful analytics to track financial performance.

Physician-Directed, Member-Centered Wellness

  • Enhance your primary care services with a scientifically-based, population health management program that improves health outcomes, and provides opportunities to save on health plan costs for members and employers.

    Supported by our Healthspace® integrated platform, member data is aggregated from medical and Rx claims, optional lab screenings, health risk assessments, and more, to identify overall risk through predictive modeling. The resulting risk profiles inform the incentives and programming, and drive referrals to health coaching and disease management, plus recommendations for preventive care services.

    Our wellness activities, including fun health challenges, educational seminars, and engaging mobile health devices, enrich the member experience and foster lasting change in wellness behavior.

  • Client portal Rx Claims Dashboard

Integrated PCMH – Wellness

  • physician

  • Offer large local employers a concierge card providing members no-cost access to your Primary Care Medical Homes and Primary Care Physicians, under a payment schedule with fixed monthly fees.

    Fully utilize the investments you’ve made in expanding access to primary care by making your staff and services available to businesses offering private health insurance.

    All of the population health management features included in the Physician-Directed Wellness program support your PCMH to extend your providers and care teams with wellness resources for the entire continuum of patients.

Level-funded Health Plans

  • Contract with local, small employers directly by offering a complete health plan that includes comprehensive primary care through your Health System’s PCMH, plus full access to specialists and hospitals.

    These plans replace traditional employee health benefits, whether fully insured or level-funded, from large insurance carriers, with plans that save money.

    The Habeo health plan model is the ultimate, turnkey, go-to-market solution for Health Systems looking expand their business with local employers. Designed to mitigate risk and reduce healthcare costs, it includes all of the features in our Integrated PCMH + Wellness program to ensure a focus on member health and wellness. Plus, we’ve built in stop-loss coverage and premium-like, flat monthly payments to help employers budget.

  • Habeo


  • Program Features Physician-Directed Wellness Integrated PCMH – Wellness Self-funded Health Plans
    Health Risk Assessments check check check
    Predictive Modeling & Claims Analytics check check check
    Incentive Management check check check
    Customized Reporting check check check
    Mobile Health Device Integration check check check
    Member Health Portal and App check check check
    Toll-free Support check check check
    Customizable Member Communications check check check
    Biometric Screenings & Lab Testing* check check check
    RN Health Coaching* check check check
    Disease Management* check check check
    Integrated PCMH
    EMR Integration (custom per client) check check
    Coordination with Transitional Care Staff check check
    Coordination with Complex Care Management Staff check check
    Preventive Care Support check check
    Capitation, Prepayment for Primary Care check check
    Health Plan Essentials
    Stop-loss Protection check
    Online Enrollment check
    Premium-like, fixed monthly fees that help employers budget, as with fully-insured plans check

    *Services can either be performed by the Health System or HCIactive.