The Advanced Health Planning Company

  • For many, advanced health planning is a relatively new concept, especially in the realm of traditional healthcare. It’s the opposite of advanced care or end of life care, and so much more than just taking steps to stay well. It’s the planning you do, and the effort you put forth every day, to be at your healthiest where you work, live, and play. This is the goal that many of us have, but faced with the daily grind, don’t always do what’s needed to achieve it.

    HCIactive will help your employees achieve this life goal by providing the advanced health planning solutions your company needs to build a culture of health that supports them. They’ll engage in their health and workplace through an improved healthcare experience, including self-serve online enrollment, engaging well-being programming with incentives, and supportive health coaching and disease management. All of these services and more are automated through our interactive and integrated platform, Healthspace®. The results of a benefit program providing this level of engagement: gaining and keeping the best employees, getting them healthier, and empowering them to stay that way.

    We invite you to evolve from providing the conventional, run-of-the-mill health benefits, to the more sought-after, high-performance benefits that employee’s desire. You’ll reap the rewards of attracting and retaining the best talent, and of course save money on health related costs.


    Our Mission

    To offer advanced health planning services to employers that attract and retain their most valuable assets by providing a quality healthcare solution that engages employees where they work, live, and play.