HCIactive’s Healthspace is the most effective solution for managing critical components of even the most complex benefits plans. Our cloud-based platform allows users to perform the following functions:

  • Integrate Data

    This patented, cloud-based platform leads the industry in performance by fully integrating data from disparate sources, such as pharmacy and medical claims, mobile health devices, laboratories, wellness participation, and incentives, to create a secure, single system of record for your healthcare supply chain.

  • Manage Risk

    Healthspace’s campaign feature allows you to identify populations based on a variety of factors (risk profile, plan utilization, etc.) and implement targeted outreach programs to engage and influence their behavior. Access built-in program metrics and KPI tools to view results in real-time to identify immediate program needs. The platform also offers a workflow engine that supports implementation of care plans and facilitates collaboration between all parties involved.

  • Engage Members

    Healthspace provides an individualized experience for members by consolidating their health and pharmacy information, wellness resources, incentive goals and incentive points through a user-friendly portal, accessible by desktop and mobile app. The portal is also a secure and private method of communication between members and RN health coaches.

  • Align and Track Incentives

    Healthspace’s incentive management module increases member participation by supporting the process of aligning incentives with wellness activities, tracking accrued reward points, and rewarding healthy behaviors.

  • Measure Performance

    Access actionable data to measure and manage plan performance. With an unparalleled level of transparency, Healthspace’s integrative platform provides on-demand access to pharmacy, medical, utilization, disease management, and wellness data. Generate real-time customizable reports to gain operational insight based on period-to-period comparisons, trending analysis, and more.