15 Oct 2020

Advance Well-being with Healthspace

Advance Well-being with Healthspace
  • Seamless policy integration
  • Predictive population health analytics
  • 150+ Wearable Devices and Fitness Apps

Healthspace from HCIactive seamlessly connects every plan member to a single, trusted place to better navigate all of their policy benefits to meet their needs.

Take Total Command
Configure ready-to-launch multilingual interfaces and workflows to completely support insurance policy administration

Personalize Engagement
Dynamically adapt portals with analytics surfacing the differences in illness burden and disease within your population

Activate Participation
Leverage an array of wearables and other devices to get your population active in advancing their own well-being

18 Feb 2020

HCIactive Featured In CIO Magazine – Propelling Consumer-Centric Agility To Solve The InsureTech Puzzle

HCIactive Featured In CIO Magazine – Propelling Consumer-Centric Agility To Solve The InsureTech Puzzle

As digital modernization sweeps across the insurance industry, insurers are hindered by the inability of business models to quickly adjust to changing customer requirements and behaviors. Insurance purchasers are now demanding greater personalized engagement and clarity of the information to meet their unique needs and circumstances. This evolving business environment has obligated insurance companies to customize their products and services to “consumers” rather than merely pushing their offerings to the market. Furthermore, fragmented processes and siloed data between insurance ecosystem partners, like reinsurers, underwriters, brokers & agents, insurers, TPAs, providers, and employers, are hindering the ecosystem’s ability to adjust to the changing consumer and market trends. Operational excellence strategies and critical market-facing initiatives, which often require cross-ecosystem integration for implementation, fall short of desired financial and performance goals. The dynamic, consumer-centric insurance industry requires a business platform that delivers digital agility and innovation that can grow and scale to the market.

One company making great strides in delivering the required agility to the InsurTech market is HCIactive, the leading InsurTech platform for consumer-centric digital policy administration. HCIactive is at the forefront of offering a robust cloud-based, integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to help the insurance industry deliver greater consumer engagement and ecosystem execution.

HCIactive’s platform aligns agile ecosystem process integration and high-powered analytics to the dynamic requirements of the marketplace. From customized recommendations of “shopping cart” insurance portfolio and personal financial savings to ongoing relevant portal content based on preferences and lifestyle patterns, HCIactive delivers a highly personalized and scalable digital consumer experience. “Our platform provides personalized consumer experiences across a wider portfolio of insurance products. Consumers efficiently receive the right benefits and engagement they need and insurers achieve greater consumer intimacy and loyalty,” says Henry Cha, CEO of HCIactive. Insurance companies benefit by selling products more directly and efficiently, while consumers are able to customize and personalize their benefits package to protect themselves.”

HCIactive’s ultimate objective is to support the platform required for the full insurance lifecycle process, managing all insurance products and services from ‘Quote’ to ‘Enroll’ to ‘Engage.’ The ‘Quote’ process involves the management of the insurance product portfolio and broker network to correctly quote employer and consumer insurance premiums. The ‘Enroll’ process spans member selection of insurance products and eligibility verification, which typically tends to be an arduous process with the proliferation of insurance products. Lastly, ‘Engage’ is focused on driving wellness and population health management, care coordination, and managing the provider network. HCIactive integrates all IT systems, processes, and information from ‘Quote’ to ‘Enroll’ to ‘Engage’ across the ecosystem stakeholders by utilizing a patented single-workflow engine to enable insurance 20 MOST PROMISING INSURANCE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDERS – 2019 Our platform provides personalized consumer experiences across a wider portfolio of insurance products. Consumers efficiently receive the right benefits and engagement they need and insurers achieve greater consumer intimacy and loyalty companies to create their own strategic improvement roadmap. Moreover, HCIactive has one of the only InsurTech platforms that is blockchain-enabled for wellness and population health management.

HCIactive has advanced analytics and infrastructure to create customer-centric capabilities—an analytics suite that uniquely leverages cross-ecosystem artificial intelligence & machine learning, intelligent process automation, natural language processing, and predictive modeling to create an adaptive consumer experience. Jeffrey Penn, HCIactive’s Vice President of Business Development, says, “Our strategy for agility is to get closer to the customer, have the right data insight into what the customers need, and to have the right platform to be able to engage them in the best way.”

There are three primary implementation approaches for HCIactive’s cloud platform. The solution can be implemented as a standalone platform for complete digital benefits administration. Secondly, the platform can be implemented into the existing application landscape to augment capabilities with additional features required. Lastly, HCIactive can be a platform “wrap” that can be used to integrate other applications and architectures, including vendor applications, to create a single, advanced user experience.

HCIactive has delivered significant benefits for clients. For one of the leaders in the insurance industry, HCIactive’s solution has resulted in the increased use of process automation from 40 to 86% of their processes and an additional 12% of process transactions now being partner self-service. Frank Kang, HCIactive’s Corporate Development & Alliances leader, states, “One of HCIactive’s core principles is to bring real operational and financial value for our clients. We have a metrics dashboard to continuously monitor client performance.”

Going forward, HCIactive plans to expand its footprint into international and public sector InsurTech and continue to develop its adaptive consumer experience capabilities and blockchain integration. In the current dynamic Insurtech business environment, innovation targeting consumer engagement and operational agility will remain at the forefront of HCIactive’s InsurTech roadmap

31 Dec 2019

Digital Engagement – The Future For Health Plans

Digital Engagement – The Future For Health Plans

All health plans and Payers, whether it be traditional health insurance carriers, third party administrators, Medicare or Medicaid plans, will begin to transform their business models so that they match the consumer experience found with Amazon, Apple and Google. The core focus will be to increase their efficiency and deliver far better value for members. A key element is to make the member experience hyper-personal. All health plans must improve engagement and influence members with a high touch experience. Instantaneous access to data and data interoperability will have an impact not only on the member experience but it will also improve wellness and care coordination.

HCI provides the most innovative and comprehensive platform that a health plan can utilize to transform itself into the digital age and dramatically elevate the member experience.   Members are conditioned through experiences with Amazon, Apple and Google and will expect a similar experience for their health care. The HCI solution is a member engagement platform that provides members with a digital experience that they have grown accustomed through using the products and services of Amazon, Apple and Google.

The disruptors in the health plan/Payer market will be data driven and member focused. The core of the process is enrollment and eligibility and this is what drives the overall experience for the member. The HCI platform enables accuracy and timeliness, which is critical for these key functions. The enrollment process can be completed on the web tool or mobile app. Costs are significantly reduced as there is no need for the traditional paper process. As such, the member experience is enhanced dramatically and implementation and launch is streamlined, efficient and based on accurate data. Members are provided complete continuity in the web and mobile app experience, which is unique to the HCI solution.  By mirroring the web and mobile functions it allows for a user experience that is unmatched in the industry.

You won’t see the word “portal” on our website. The word is like “rolodex” or “DayTimer”  – products that are part of history now due to technology. We offer a digital member engagement platform which provides a member experience well beyond a portal. This key component will drive the future success of any health plan/Payer and they will be viewed as innovative market leaders.

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15 Mar 2018

Healthspace Provider: On Demand Eligibility and Claims Information for Physician Office Staff

Healthspace Provider: On Demand Eligibility and Claims Information for Physician Office Staff

At HCIactive, one of our primary goals is to use technology to make health care administration easier. That’s why we offer providers and physician office staff an effortless way to search for patient information such as claims and eligibility status, benefits coverage information, and ID cards.

To start, Healthspace Provider does not require a username or password to log in. Instead, patient privacy and confidentiality is protected using “exact match” searching. This means that physician office staff must enter all required information correctly to retrieve data. By eliminating this login step, physician office staff doesn’t need to keep track of one more login credential or add an extra step to their already busy day. Information can be accessed quickly and securely.

HCIactive provides a secure, phone-based tool for patient information inquiries as well. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology provides a convenient alternative to the online portal. Physician office staff would simply call the designated IVR phone number and input required information at each prompt.

Eligibility Inquiries

Physician office staff may search by eligibility or claims information. To identify a patient’s eligibility, the user must simply enter the required information and the patient and subscriber’s data is immediately displayed. From a single screen, you can view both the member and subscriber’s basic data, member eligibility status (including whether or not their benefits are current), and plan documentation. The documentation is available as downloadable pdf files. This is a streamlined screen to provide the most commonly reviewed data in one place, but if more specific information is required, the Claims Inquiry search provides more detailed records.

Claims Inquiries

The claims inquiry tab is used to access detailed records on a claim made on a specific date by a particular patient. The full explanation of benefits can be easily downloaded as well.

By making it easy to reference basic patient information, accessing claims and assisting patients can be a painless process. As with all our resources, it’s our mission to make technology work for you. Because Healthspace Provider is easy to access and delivers the most patient information on one screen, HCIactive can save valuable time and resources for your physician office staff.

07 Feb 2018

HCIactive and WiserTogether partner to deliver advanced health care technology solutions to employers

HCIactive and WiserTogether partner to deliver advanced health care technology solutions to employers

WiserTogether Return to Health extends the HCIactive technology platform further enabling employee engagement and improved outcomes

Glenwood, MD (Feb. 7, 2018) — WiserTogether and HCIactive have entered into a partnership to deliver the WiserTogether Return to Health solution as an integrated part of HCIactive’s Workplace Wellbeing product suite. HCIactive leverages cloud-based technology to deliver health care management tools. Including Return to Health in the HCIactive product suite will enable organizations to offer employees a powerful tool to manage their own health care.

WiserTogether Return to Health is a web and mobile solution, which guides people to the most appropriate, effective and often less intrusive treatment options for that individual. Return to Health enables employees to make thoughtful and informed decisions about their health care by providing easy to understand information and guidance, resulting in lower clinical costs, higher compliance with best practices and faster recovery times.

HCIactive is a health care technology firm that focuses on delivering innovative solutions to employers that improve the lives of their employees. Through their Workplace Wellbeing suite of products, HCIactive offers resources needed to develop a culture of health. Return to Health extends this suite and provides a tool for easy engagement and ongoing treatment planning.

Henry Cha, CEO of HCIactive commented: “WiserTogether’s clinically proven treatment guidance solution provides our clients a critical health care management tool to enhance experiences, better manage per-capita costs, and improve outcomes while enabling each participant to be a true partner in the care process.”

Max Kahn, CEO of WiserTogether shared his perspective: “HCIactive delivers an impressive suite of cloud-based employer solutions. The addition of Return to Health to their offerings extends their already powerful offerings and further engages employees in the management of their health care. We are excited about our new partnership with this technology leader and the value we can deliver to the market.”


About HCIactive

HCIactive, Inc. provides advanced health planning solutions to employers that help attract and retain the best employees by engaging them in their well-being and workplace. Our integrated technology platform, Healthspace™, runs results-driven population health and incentive management programs designed to mitigate risk, control health care costs, support Affordable Care Act compliance, and improve member outcomes.

About WiserTogether

WiserTogether is a leader in consumer-focused health care information technology solutions that advance clinical outcomes, financial and patient satisfaction results. Our innovative solutions enable consumers to circumvent the immense amount of data on the internet and in the market and effectively guide individuals to the best treatment options for them. To learn more visit www.wisertogether.com.